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What Mohawk College students should know about MSA’s breakfast program

The Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA) is working to combat food insecurity by providing breakfast for students once a week.

Calina McNamara, the student service coordinator at the MSA on the college’s Fennell campus, said the program serves about 100-200 students each week.

“We started the breakfast program because we saw a need for students who were coming to class hungry,” McNamara said. “We wanted to sort of fill that gap for them.”

The program is available at G109 on the Fennell campus every Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. while supplies last. The program also runs every Tuesday at the Stoney Creek and Institute for Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) campuses.

This week, the Fennell campus breakfast program was held on Tuesday to coincide with its Halloween theme.

McNamara said the MSA implemented themed breakfasts into the program this year to create a more inclusive environment.

“My manager went through and looked at what our majority demographic is here at the college so that we could include those cultures and make them feel at home when they’re not at home,” McNamara said. “Last week we did sort of an inspiration on African breakfast, we had plantains and bacon-wrapped plantains. So, we are trying to do some more inclusive [themes] and some fun sampling of different cultures’ foods.”

For the Halloween-themed breakfast, students could grab pumpkin spice muffins, boo-berry (blueberry) muffins, granola bars, juice boxes and apples.

The theme was Halloween, but the scariest thing is students going hungry.

Mohawk student Emma Becke said she often uses the program before heading to morning classes.

“I used to have early morning math classes and half the time I was in such a rush and almost late to class because it was so early, so I would come by and pick up food on my way to class,” Becke said. “They do different cultural breakfasts and I think that’s cool.”

To learn more about the MSA’s breakfast program, visit


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