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‘I’d have to walk:’ Mohawk College students worried about potential public transit strike

Public transit users in Hamilton, including Mohawk College students, may be left ride-less come Monday (Nov. 6), depending on whether the transit union votes against accepting the city’s offer. And that could hit Mohawk College students hard.

“Since May of this year 6,000 students have redeemed the HSR (Hamilton Street Railway) bus pass voucher”, Natalie Fisher, manager of student services at the Mohawk Student’s Association, said.

Mohawk College has an annual enrollment of over 13,000 students, meaning that just over 45 per cent of them use the HSR in some capacity. Students are understandably concerned about how they might get to classes.

“Honestly I am worried about how it will affect me getting to school,” Nicola Cross said, “I live downtown and I would have to walk to school, but also I fully support the bus drivers getting what they want because I know it’s been a tough year, especially with service and busses being full all the time.”

Busses come and go at Mohawk College throughout the day, an indication of how many students rely on the service.

In an email from the union to its members released by The Public Record, the union stated they would reveal the offer to members a few days before the voting date of Nov. 5. The Union is recommending that members vote against the proposed agreement, which would be a vote for strike action.

Students relying on transit might want to make alternate arrangements during the weekend in case a strike happens.


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