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‘Great information’: Studying the fun way at Mohawk’s Learning Support Centre

The Learning Support Centre (LSC) challenged students’ skills in a hands-on Study Jam on Nov. 1.

Tutors from Mohawk College set up different stations for students to visit to practice different areas of study.

“We are encouraging conversation and trying to encourage people to try out different areas,” writing and communications tutor AJ Falconer said.

A man talking to two other people with a sign behind him that says 'Writing Tutor'.
The different types of tutoring available were study skills, math, writing and peer tutoring.

Falconers’ booth was titled ‘Writing Tutor’ his job was to help people with public speaking.

Someone could spin the wheel and they had to say a sentence out loud based on the prompt that they landed on.

“Awareness is very important,” Falconer said. “There are so many tools and support systems available for all students at Mohawk but to take advantage of them you have to know about them. So, something like the Study Jam helps get the word out and it encourages conversations so that people know what we can provide.”

After the students finished at each station, they would receive a treat from the tutor and move on to the next one.

“Between going home and going to school it can be pretty boring,” student Braedon Young said. “This is a little more exciting and gives us a chance to have an experience in college.”

Young said that after he got an email from the college about the Study Jam, the words “prizes and candy” made him decide to go.

“There was great information and the people at the booths had good things to say,” Young said.

The LSC has tables and chairs in the middle of the room for students to study independently or in groups.

“I think for me, because I like to study with other people, a format like this will help me get better grades,” Olivia Kraynick said.

The LSC offers free tutoring for students who are looking to improve their skills. Students can book an appointment at


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