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New and updated policies at Mohawk College: here’s what staff and students need to know

Mohawk College has revised some of the policies which will apply to all students at Mohawk College.

Old policies were either renamed or were combined with existing policies.

Each policy was written or revised by workers at Mohawk College who specialize in the given area. Some of the policies that were revised were the Respectful Workplace Policy and Flexible Work Arrangements Policy which Megan Mascarin, chief human resources Officer and Neil Culp, director of employment relation, took the lead on updating.

Culp explained why the changes were necessary.

“It had been many years since the Respectful Workplace policy was reviewed and updated,” Culp said. “Since the time the policy was last updated, there has been some significant case law that informed our review and lead us to make some updates to the policy. As such, it was tweaked through a usual process of policy review.”

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The changes were made to benefit students, employees and the community.

According to Mohawk College’s webpage, there are different steps and stages to finalizing a policy before it goes into effect.

One updated policy dealt with students changing their names.

“Updating the Names for Students Policy was to reflect the correct reference to lived name as it is more appropriate than preferred name,” Jessica Lapcevich, manager, of risk, legal and governance services said. “Changes to the policy make it easier and clearer for students looking to change their legal/lived names.”

These updated policies are put in place to ensure there is a safe and discrimination-free workplace for everyone at Mohawk College.

Culp explained the consequences if a policy isn’t followed.

“If we find that employees are in breach of the policy, we do move forward with appropriate consequences in every instance,” Culp said. “These consequences will be proportionate to the findings of fact from the investigation and could include up to including dismissal.

More policies can be checked out on the webpage.


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