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Local food farm stand offers alternatives to inflated grocery costs

Rising food costs have left many people feeling the pinch at the grocery store, and students are no exception. While the MSA offers plenty of affordable food services on campus, that doesn’t always save students from having to stretch their budgets for fresh produce.

Mohawk’s Sustainability Office is offering students a farm‐fresh solution to their grocery store blues.

Located just outside G‐Wing, the Local Food Farm Stand sells affordable fresh vegetables, fruit, and healthy snacks for students to grab on their way to and from class. The stand is open every Wednesday afternoon from 12:00‐5:00 and runs until November.

Sustainability coordinator Ashley Packer says the project is a great opportunity to help students access healthy meals and groceries at a fraction of grocery store costs.

Russet potatoes are seen in a small pile with a sign behind them at the local food farm stand
Students can choose from on-the-go snacks or larger grocery items.

“We sell the produce at cost – so it’s a nice, healthy, cheaper alternative for students on campus,” she said. “Everything we sell is from farms that are within 100 km, which is a really great way to support our local farmers too.”

Also available at the stand are what Packer calls “bounty bags,” $20 bags of fresh produce that contain various dinner and snack items for students to enjoy. The bags come with a recipe card inside that gives students meal ideas to ensure all the food gets used.

For $10, students can purchase an ‘eat better bag,’ which focuses on seasonal produce items that don’t require any preparation.

According to Packer, the hottest‐selling items at the stand have been fruit – which come portioned in smaller sizes for students to take with them to classes. This week, the stand is also offering scones and vegan muffins for students to snack on.

Pumpkin coconut muffins and ham and cheddar scones are displayed in black mesh baskets at the farm stand
Scones and vegan muffins are just some of the snack foods available at the Local Food Farm Stand.

So far, the food stand has been a big hit. Students have been flocking to the stand, picking up bags of snacks to fuel up before their next class.

Mohawk students Emily Vukvic and Lily Vryvogl said they were excited to see food options on campus that were sustainable and budget‐friendly.

“[The food stand] is amazing,” Vukvic said. “Grocery stores don’t compare to actual food grown in your area.”

“The food you find at the grocery store is all processed and really expensive,” added Vryvogl. “It’s insane.”

The Local Food Farm Stand is one of many programs that Mohawk Sustainability is offering to help educate students about local food and improve access to healthy meals.

For more information about the Local Food Farm Stand and other programs, visit the Mohawk Sustainability website.


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