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‘My favourite place’: An update on the Starbucks at Mohawk College

Mohawk College students are three weeks into their fall semester. Most amenities on campus have re-opened. However, places like The Cellar, Bento Sushi, Subway and Starbucks remained closed.

Many students are curious about the status of the popular coffee shop, Starbucks, but it will be re-opening.

People doing different things inside Starbucks
The doors of Starbucks are now partially opened to students.

The Starbucks on campus has been closed since COVID-19 started, even though restrictions have been lifted on campus. Currently, students can only access coffee from Brewed Awakenings or Tim Hortons. Although both coffee shops are popular, students still crave the creative and flavourful drinks at Starbucks. With the fall season approaching, students find themselves missing out on all the fall festive drink specials.

But there’s hope

Starbucks is in the midst of re-opening. However, traffic is being limited as they are training employees and making some repairs. Students can pick up their pumpkin spice lattes one-at-a-time in the H-wing. The date of full re-opening is still undetermined.

The Starbucks manager on location hasn’t commented on the status of re-opening. However, employees stated that drinks are being sold low-key to help with training.

The café’s gates still appear to be closed to keep the partial opening under the radar. Many students are unaware of this plan and remain frustrated at the closure.

A student passing through the Starbucks
Employees are preparing for the full opening.

“Starbucks is my favourite place to go to, Mohawk College student Julia Henry said. “It’s frustrating and although I understand that there may be a labour shortage at the moment.”

Until more information is released, students can find coffee at locations on campus including Tim Hortons located in the C-wing. They can also grab a coffee from Brewed Awakenings located below the MSA and beside The Arnie. Students can keep up to date with the re-opening by following Mohawk.College on Instagram.


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