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Coffee and Chat event can help Mohawk College students make new friends

With the pandemic finally settling down, on-campus schooling is almost back to how it was before Covid. But some students might have a harder time socializing with others now that classes are back in person. The Coffee and Chat event located in room F114 could help to ease those anxious feelings about meeting new people.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 am, Social INC aims to reduce social anxiety by bringing together people who are looking for friends, conversation and, of course, their morning cup of coffee. 

The entrance to room F114, where Social Inc holds its events.
Room F114, which is where Coffee and Chat takes place, is located near the radio station.

“It’s a place where people can get together, have a cup of coffee and chat with each other,” said Celine Wong, who is in charge of Coffee and Chat.  

Nine in the morning might be a little too early for some students to start socializing, so Wong says Coffee and Chat could be moved to a time where people are better able to keep their eyes open. She also says the event could be tied to other events.

“October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and Islamic History Month,” Wong explained. “It also has international pronoun day, and Diwali, so we could incorporate those into Coffee and Chat.” 

By incorporating those dates of awareness, the event could become more inclusive. Future marketing plans are currently in the works to increase the number of students who want to participate.

“Who wouldn’t want a coffee in the morning?” asked Mohawk student Melina Szpak. “Coffee is a great motivator, it’s what keeps most of us going. I’m very outgoing, but even I need my coffee before talking to people. Throwing both of those in one package seems like a recipe for success to me.” 

Students can save their money and grab a fresh cup of piping hot coffee from F114, instead of going out to a coffee shop.

“I haven’t seen many people go to it yet,” said Mohawk student Jeremy Walsh. “I pass by that room around 9:30 on Wednesday. It’s a cozy room. It can be challenging to find people to talk to on campus. I think more people will start to go there soon. It’s just hard to get into the social groove at times.”

A sign of the Mohawk College logo on the Fennell campus
The Fennell campus is a big one. Making friends can be difficult, which is why events such as Coffee and Chat exist.

Some students might want to branch out and meet people other than their classmates, or maybe practice their social skills. The Covid lockdowns left people isolated. Many students have become less sociable as a result. Events such as Coffee and Chat can make socializing easier because the people who are there actually want to talk with other people. 

Social INC holds a variety of events to help students connect with each other. It hosts painting workshops, ice cream days and other events to raise awareness for numerous causes. Wong mentioned the possibility of incorporating different elements from those events into Coffee and Chat to attract more students. With new additions to the event less than a month away, finding a new friend or having a great conversation may become even easier.


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