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‘Popular event’: Goats and yoga come together at Mohawk College

The tenderness of the goats and the relaxing activity of yoga combined to give Mohawk students an unparalleled experience at The Arnie on Sept. 28.

The MSA (Mohawk Students Association) organized two goat-yoga sessions where students had the opportunity to disconnect from the obligations that the fall semester has brought, and relax in the company of an adorable group of goats.

A goat on a mat
Goats joined students to help them relax.

Ty Howie, programming manager at the MSA, said this event was popular, even before today’s sessions.

“We knew that goat yoga was a popular event among students before the pandemic, so as the students loved the event, we are trying to get the goats back,” Howie said. “From what I’ve seen so far today, the event is a success.”

“There is a want for students to be back on campus, and we (MSA) want to host events that are inclusive for a lot of students,” Howie added. “For example, goat yoga supports health and students’ wellness by taking them 30 minutes out of their school routine.”

The goats arrived at The Arnie around noon, and then the students joined them in the yoga space to start the session with an instructor’s assistance. With relaxing music and various exercises, the students were able to relax for about 35 minutes while petting the goats.

Nicola Cross, a student who took part, explained how this activity benefits her as a student.

“I’ve always loved goats, and I think having some on campus and doing activities with them is a great experience,” Cross said. “The stress of the fall semester for students is here, and having yoga on campus to share with cute animals is always a positive thing.”

A student plays with a goat
Students played with goats after the yoga session.

The second session started with more students than the first. Approximately 50 students took part in the sessions, not counting the curious onlookers who peeked into The Arnie to find out what was going on.

The goats said goodbye and left the college after the end of the second session. Both students and staff were left wanting more, with many saying they hoped the activity will be repeated in the future.

For more information related to the events that the MSA is hosting, visit or follow them on Instagram @msa_iahs to get the latest information about events.


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