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Mohawk College students light up the stage at Diwali talent show

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, is a time for celebration with lights, fireworks, gatherings, prayer and gifts. And what better way to celebrate the occasion than with the gift of talent?

Mohawk students took to the stage at the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre on Oct. 26 to showcase their talents at the college’s Diwali talent show. Fifteen performers graced the stage, giving the audience a chance to enjoy an eclectic show of everything from music to dance to poetry. 

Complementing the evening’s acts was an impressive light setup that could be seen throughout the stage. Students gave their performances bathed in light – a fitting way to celebrate the festival. 

“It was a nice show to catch,” Mohawk College student Garrett Terpstra said. “I got to learn quite a bit about Diwali. I found it very interesting.”

Mohawk is home to a diverse student body, with many coming from all over the globe to study in Hamilton. For those who had never heard of Diwali, the event was a great opportunity to learn and celebrate a different culture.

Audience members who worked up an appetite during the show had an opportunity to sample traditional Diwali treats – most of which were delicious enough to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth.

Person putting food on someone's plate
Hungry students got to try out some delicious traditional Diwali treats.

“[The treats] were so good,” Mohawk College student Melina Szpak said. “I’ve never tried these desserts before. I would definitely have these again! I need to find some recipes.”

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Diwali celebration event was put on hold for the past two years. With campus starting to go back to normal, the Festival of Lights event at Mohawk College finally resumed after its hiatus.

The Diwali celebration at Mohawk wasn’t the only event going on at the college to celebrate the Festival of Lights. On Oct. 24, Mohawk also held a rangoli contest, where students got to create rangoli art, and had a chance to win prizes.

On Oct. 25, the college held an event called “Mehndi and Chai,” where students got the opportunity to have their hands covered in a gorgeous mehndi design. 

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