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What do Mohawk College students and staff think about Hamilton’s new mayor?

The 2022 mayoral election in Hamilton was held on Oct. 24.

Fred Eisenberger, Hamilton’s mayor for the past eight years, announced in the summer he would not be running again, leaving the post open to any one of a number of challengers.

Andrea Horwath was elected on Monday night. After the result was announced, the outgoing mayor of Hamilton put out a statement congratulating the winner.

“My warmest congratulations to Mayor-Elect Andrea Horwath on being selected by the people of Hamilton to lead the city and the Council,” Eisenberger wrote. This is a historic win for Andrea, becoming Hamilton’s very first female Mayor since our founding in 1846.”

Andrea standing on a podium
Andrea Horwath is the first woman to be elected mayor of Hamilton.

For some people, her victory is an inspiration for others to follow.

“I’m glad Andrea Horwath won the election,” Mohawk College student Daniella Mokuye said. “It’s nice to see women in a position that the society would expect a man to be in because it sets a good tone for other girls out there and inspire them to be a leader.”

Horwath previously served as MPP for Hamilton Centre from 2004-2022 and was the leader of the provincial NDP from 2018-2022.

Even though the news of the election surprised some who weren’t aware of an election taking place in Hamilton, they are still glad that a woman is making history.

“I think that’s really awesome just finding out about this now,” Celine Wong, an engagement coordinator for Social Inc. said. “I can’t believe it’s almost 2023 and this is the first woman mayor of Hamilton, but we have to start somewhere. I’m not too educated with the topic unfortunately, but as an individual, I think it’s a good starting place for all girls to strive and say I can be that too.”

Find out for more candidates who were elected in each ward.


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