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Here’s how to afford grocery shopping as a Mohawk College student

Going shopping as a student is one of those things that have become much more difficult and more stressful, thanks to the prices of everything skyrocketing.

Students already have tuition, rent, and potentially gym and phone bills to take care of, so adding another expense to that list can be painful for your wallet.

Walmart Superstore located on 675 Upper James St, Hamilton is a hotspot for Mohawk College students to shop at thanks to how close it is to Fennell Campus.

Many students don’t make more than minimum wage, and not all get financial support.

Mohawk College student Aisik Pilote is one of many who have a hard time affording everything he needs.

“I buy cheap things like rice and pasta in bulk, which you can do a lot with to maintain a varied diet and meal plan without breaking the bank,” Pilote says. “Things like bread and produce are often discounted as well, and I stay away from meat that isn’t discounted because those prices are consistently high.”

It’s not only the students who are concerned about the rising prices, as staff at the local Walmart have noticed a steady decrease in younger people coming in to shop.

Hassan El-Rayes, a Walmart employee working in the online groceries department, has seen few students shopping there despite the store’s reputation for low prices.

“We don’t see a lot of students shopping here,” said El-Rayes. “It’s more families and those with better incomes. Even though we are well known for having low prices.”

Before making a trip out to any local grocery store, it is important for students to plan out their meals and search for good deals so that grocery shopping does not become too much of an expense and result in any financial stress.

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