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‘I’m carving a cat silhouette’: Pumpkin carving contest comes to Mohawk College and prizes can be won

Halloween is a week away, and Mohawk’s First Year Experience (FYE) program leaders are hosting pumpkin carving contests on all Mohawk College campuses throughout the week.

The first pumpkin carving contest was held at the Stoney Creek campus on Monday, Oct.24. Tables were prepped with a pumpkin, carving tools and napkins. The pumpkins came in different sizes and students could choose any pumpkin to create a spooky or fun carving. Students could also help themselves to a cup of warm apple cider and some sweet treats.

Person pouring cup of apple cider
Students could grab a cup of apple cider and some candy.

But the turnout for the event was a disappointment. Student development coordinator Marita Linde says eight people signed up, but no one showed up.

However, the show must go on, so members of the Student Life department continued to carve pumpkins despite the lack of students. The pumpkin carving contests at the Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster (IAHS) and the Fennell campus are expected to have better turnouts later in the week.

“The Friday contest at Fennell already has 32 students [signed up], so I think that’s going to be the big one,” Linde said. “Tomorrow [Oct.25] at IAHS I only have about ten students signed up, so then we’ll only have two winners.”

Due to the lack of students at the first pumpkin carving, no prizes were given. However, at the upcoming events, FYE leaders will be the judges of the pumpkins.

“There’s a $25 gift card to any local business for each winner,” Linde said. “The FYE leaders will be voting on their favourite pumpkin and the most creative one.”

Pumpkin with cat carved out
Students could carve out spooky or fun designs on their pumpkins.

For Student Life program and service coordinator Donna Moreau, pumpkin carving is a special surprise for her one-year-old.

“I’m carving a cat silhouette because I think it would be easy for my toddler to recognize and I want to hear him make the little meow sound,” Moreau said.

Students are encouraged to participate in the upcoming pumpkin carving contests on Tuesday, Oct.25 at IAHS and Friday, Oct.28 at Fennell campus by signing up at Pumpkin Carving with the FYE – Registration (


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