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Mohawk College puts on a hypnotic event

The Spooky, Scary Skelebration at Mohawk College was full of magic. 

This year’s Halloween celebration took place at The Arnie on Oct. 27. Students were seen dressed as characters from Super Mario Bros., The Wizard of Oz and Marvel. 

Cobwebs covered the seating areas, with red and blue lights illuminating the room. Fake hands and bats were placed in the center of each table. 

Guests were greeted by staff dressed in costumes, handing out candy.  

As people walked through the entrance decorated with purple tinsel, they were offered the chance to have their photo taken.  

Mohawk college students celebrate Halloween together.

Mohawk student May Vingeux explained what inspired her to be Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Universe. 

“She knows what she wants, and she takes it,” Vinguex said. “It’s kind of the polar opposite of me and I feel like Halloween is the time where you can dress up as the opposite of who you are in normal life.” 

Empty chairs were lined up in front of the stage, soon to be filled with creatures like ghosts and Vikings. 

They took their seats and talked while they waited for the show to start.  

Savio Joseph is a Canada’s Got Talent finalist who specializes in magic, mentalism and hypnotism. Joseph was invited to Mohawk college to perform a magic show for students. 

“There’s no future that exists where I don’t see myself doing this,” Joseph said. “But I see myself expanding. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I do say that I want to one day play at Scotiabank arena, that’s the goal.” 

For an hour and a half, Joseph interacted with the crowd as he performed magic tricks. 

In return, the students waved their hands in the air, volunteering to be picked as his next assistant.  

Near the end of his performance, Joseph picked more than 20 volunteers to go on the stage to be hypnotized. 

The show was followed by free food and a dance with live music from DJ Junaid. 

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