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Mohawk College offers free breakfast to hungry students

We all know the old adage, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ But how important is it, really?

Breakfast is a special part of the day for many people – unless you’re a student with tuition and bills to pay. With food prices rising across the country, breakfast is becoming an often-skipped meal for those struggling to keep up with inflation.

On Nov. 2, the MSA gave students a well-deserved treat. Aree breakfast, no catch. 

From 8:30-10:30 a.m, students stopped by the MSA office to grab a quick bite before class. 

A sign from the MSA saying "Enjoy a free breakfast to start your day!"
The free breakfast will be available monthly at most Mohawk campuses.

“We’ve been set up since 8:30, serving pancakes, yogurt and apples,” MSA employee Lindsay Dyment said. “We’ve served over 100 students already.”

The pancakes proved to be a popular item on the menu, as students snatched them all up within 45 minutes of the breakfast program being open. Fortunately, there was still plenty of food to go around.

“We’re putting on a breakfast program monthly,” MSA employee Jamie Bennett explained. “We’re offering this free to students, and this is being supported by the staff 50/50 lottery.”

A 50/50 lottery was recently held for staff members with half the proceeds going to fund the free breakfast.

It’s not just the Fennell Campus that gets the free meals. Each Mohawk campus will be hosting regular breakfast programs, with the exception of the aviation campus, where the program will occur once per semester.

A Sign pointing towards the MSA office on Fennell.
The free monthly breakfast on the Fennell campus is located at the MSA office.

The first free breakfast at Mohawk got its fair share of attention, so be on the lookout for the next free breakfast in December.


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