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Planning a trip? GO Transit has your ride

Something every student needs is transportation. With public transit free for Mohawk College students, getting around the city of Hamilton is a breeze. 

Hamilton’s newest GO train station is located in the north end, and offers direct routes to Toronto.

For those who want to leave the city, the best option might be GO Transit. GO has several bus stops and a few train stations in the city, with the biggest being the Hamilton GO Centre downtown and the West Harbour GO on Hamilton’s waterfront.

Noah Martin, an avid GO train user, finds GO reliable, especially for students.

“GO Transit is very student-friendly,” Martin said, “allowing students to get away with things like studying during their trip and not worrying about parking. I wish it could go as far as taking me to my family in Ottawa, but hopefully that can happen down the line.” 

Both of Hamilton’s stations offer direct routes to Toronto’s massive Union Station, a hub that connects the entire Greater Toronto Area as well as more distant cities such as Kitchener and Niagara Falls. 

Not every student is a fan. Mohawk College graduate Riley Pavao had his co-op placement in Cambridge and would have liked to use GO Transit, but found it was impossible. 

“If I could take the train to get to Cambridge I absolutely would,” said Pavao. “I hate my hour-long drive and sitting in traffic, but I understand that the government would want to prioritize having routes by the water where most of the population lives.” 

GO Transit offers a 40 per cent student discount, so if you’re looking to take a trip to anywhere on the network, GO has your back.

For more information regarding student discounts and planning your trip, visit


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