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‘Common and understandable:’ How Mohawk College students can deal with end-of-semester anxieties

As Dec. 8, the final day of classes for the semester at Mohawk College, gets closer, students across the school have begun studying for exams and/or working on end-of-year projects. This time of year also has many students feeling the pressure of these final weeks when it comes to their academics. 

“We have a heavy workload right now,” Mohawk College student Sofia Rovista said. “I’m in my last year of graphic design, so it’s really heavy. Plus, I have to find a placement before January next year so that’s been really stressful.” 

Basilia Iatomasi, a Student Wellness counsellor, said that this increase in stress is something that occurs frequently for students across many different programs. 

End of semester stress and anxiety for college students is common and understandable because of end-of-year projects and exams,” Iatomasi said. “These end-of-semester exams or projects sometimes are more heavily weighted or could be the final opportunity to do well in a course.”

A sign in the library saying that it is an "Academic Quiet Space"
The college has plenty of quiet spaces around campus for students to study in, so they don’t have to deal with the added stress of a noisy environment.

While the sheer amount of work, be it finishing a large project or studying for hours on end for an exam, can be very stressful to many students, Mohawk College has many services on offer that can aid students during this stressful time of year.   

“The LSC (Learning Support Centre) offers one-on-one tutoring appointments for help with study tips, course content, math, and writing,” study skills tutor Megan Marsh said. “We also offer walk-in appointments and group sessions.” 

Additionally, the LSC hosts many different events and workshops aimed to help students with their schoolwork. 

“Coming up on Nov. 9 at 1 p.m., there is a Test Prep workshop, hosted by me,” Marsh said. “This is a great way to learn quick tips and tricks to prepare you for exams.” 

A sign on the door of the Learning Support Centre advertising tutoring services.
Students interested in using the services offered by the Learning Support Centre are encouraged to visit C122 at Fennell Campus.

Along with attending tutoring and the events hosted by the LSC, Marsh recommends students create a personalized schedule, so they can keep track of academic due dates and other life commitments. Creating a schedule, whether it’s on paper or digitally, also helps students to plan out the time that they can do their schoolwork. 

When assignment due dates and exams get closer and closer, some students can often forget to take care of their well-being in favour of doing more work. 

Managing your mental and physical health at the end of semester is essential and can help with your academic success,” Iatomasi said. “The basics can help with this: sleeping well, eating well, moving your body, and reaching out for help can make a difference.” 

This also includes taking time out of your schedule to do things you enjoy, instead of doing nothing but schoolwork. Some examples include spending time with loved ones, doing a hobby or simply taking a short walk. 

I love doing exercise and yoga, so I do that,” Rovista said. “I try to do it for at least five minutes so I can relieve stress.” 

If you feel that you’re in need of accessing mental health services to aid in end-of-semester anxiety and stress, Iatomasi suggests emailing Counselling Services at or calling 905-575-2211. 



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