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‘Grab your cue stick:’ Networking and Billiards Bash hits Hamilton

Hamilton boasts more than 22 pool and billiards halls, and The End Pocket, located at 970 Upper James St., recently played host to a networking event to put owners in touch with other local businesses.

The entrepreneurs welcomed the public and players at 6 p.m., providing a brief introduction to their businesses, with some being innovative start-ups.

“In the dessert-making industry, one of the foremost challenges lies in how to advertise while people indulge in our treats. Therefore, we crafted an edible paper that people can consume without the ink altering the flavor,” said Satwant Jandu, owner of Kreative Design Favor. “After numerous unsuccessful attempts, we finally achieved the ideal harmony between the taste of the paper and that of the dessert.”

Satwant Jandu handed out
brownies with edible paper.








Attendees showcased their pool skills while enjoying snacks provided by the entrepreneurs. In an unexpected twist, both attendees and entrepreneurs became players, sharing their experiences around the tables.

“I started playing over 30 years ago, and I’ve always loved playing pool as a form of escape. It might be a bit embarrassing to admit, but playing provided me with a getaway and [a chance to] win some money in the process,” Trevor Shorte, an attendee said. “Aside from my passion for billiards, I’m also here to support my friend with her business, making it a win-win because I get to enjoy playing pool, indulge in free food, and support to my friend.”


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