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Music and beer: Grain and Grit brewery in Hamilton hosts monthly vinyl night

A potential buyer examines a vinyl record.
Patrons could flip through records as they sipped their beer and socialized with friends. Most of the albums were between $20-40.

Grain and Grit brewery in Hamilton hosted its monthly vinyl night on Nov. 23.

The event gives patrons an opportunity to peruse used and new vinyl and enjoy some of the many craft beers that Grain and Grit is known for.

The event featured Craig Waters, a local vendor who brings his traveling vinyl sales to breweries all over the GTA.

“They’re always trying to find ways to connect with the community [and] I try to do different things to kind of pair coming here, because it’s not your typical bar,” Waters said. “They’re always looking for different ways to kind of reach out to people and see if they can bring more people in.”

Waters’ booth was set up right next to the entrance, to the right of the door, as soon as you walk in.

It featured an eclectic selection of records, from progressive rock to punk to reggae. The milk crates were split 50/50 into new and used records, with the new, sealed albums fetching slightly higher prices.

Waters sells records at other places in Hamilton, but curates his inventory according to the venue.

The interior of Grain and Grit, patrons are seated at tables and drinking beer.
Although food isn’t sold at the brewery, guests are allowed to bring food in from home or other establishments to enjoy with their beer.

“I have a couple booths at the antique mall on Ottawa Street,” Waters said. “There I sell kind of lower end [records], like anything under ten bucks in there.  And then at the bigger shows, I drive, bring kind of some of the nicer stuff and sell new and used.”

Besides vinyl night, Grain and Grit also has a loyal following of customers because of their unique beverages and atmosphere.

Jeff Gibson, a member at the brewery explained what he likes about the location.

“I like the beer, number one.  And the people,” Gibson said. “The really cool thing is, if you come here in the winter, because it faces west, you can sit in the window there and it’s nice and warm. You get a nice sunshine.”

Grain and Grit is located at 11 Ewen Rd. in Hamilton and is open from Tuesday to Sunday.