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What is the Accessible Learning Centre at Mohawk College?

Unless you’re a student struggling with your school work, you’ve likely not had a lot of contact with Accessible Learning Services at Mohawk College. It is a service open to anyone at the college in many different capacities.

“For me, I get to know about this place when I was starting at Mohawk and I had heard about it, but never knew about it like what kind of features, what students can come, what assessments we provide here,” Mukhpreet Kaur says. “Luckily I got my placement here, I’m in my third semester in the education support program and I get to know a lot of facilities for the students with special needs. If they need any help with booking their tests, if they are having any difficulty with the college tech, their college email, My Canvas, how to navigate that, how to be a good student, and where they can get assistance.”

Toby Merritt, Director of Accessibility and Testing Services gave a rundown of the specific services offered:

“In Accessible Learning Services we provide support for students with disabilities, students who may have a diagnosis of a mental health disability or physical disability or medical disability,” he explained. “We provide accommodation support, so we develop accommodation letters for students, we provide support like assistance with one-on-one supports, mentoring supports if needed. We have an accessibility coach mentor program which we match students with. We also have an accessible learning lab which is room A122. We provide assistive technology, things like text to speech, speech to text, that sort of thing.”

Kaur added context to what exactly the Accessible Learning Lab is.

“It’s a special place for the tutors and students where they can book time to solve their problems,” he said. “If a student is having difficulty organizing their work, they can book a spot online or in person to meet up with their tutor where they can be at their ease and not uncomfortable,” says Kaur.

For a full list of services offered students can go to to learn more.


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