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Drop Spot hosts pop-up vintage clothing shop at Mohawk Fennell campus

Students and staff at Mohawk’s Fennell campus may have noticed a new pop-up clothing shop next to the Scotiabank Café today (Oct. 3).

The shop is called Drop Spot and sells previously owned, vintage-style clothing such as t-shirts, jeans and sweaters.

Drop Spot employee Cody Melaney said the shop sources products by repurposing clothing that would otherwise end up in landfills.

“It’s all curated second-hand items,” Melaney said. “Drop Spot as an entity goes through 30,000 pounds of clothing per month, and we end up saving close to 3,000 [pounds] from going into landfills … we are going through different textile recycling sources and trying to source some of our items that way as well.”

When deciding which items to keep and resell, Melaney said a variety of factors are taken into consideration.

“We do vintage primarily,” he said. “Overall, we’re looking at the quality of the piece, the look of the piece and the nostalgia it brings.”

When deciding on locations for pop-up events, Melaney said they look for venues where there may be people with an interest in repurposed clothing.

“It has to do with putting ourselves in an environment with like-minded people who are either fashion-conscious or who are understanding what we’re trying to do with reusing clothing and things like that,” he said.

Mohawk student Marco Wojcachowski said he repurposes clothing to help the environment.

“Everything I wear is thrifted pretty much,” Wojcachowski said. “I feel like with the rise of these big fast-fashion kingpins, a lot more people are realizing just how bad of an environmental impact that has.”

In addition to hosting pop-up markets, Drop Spot has an online shop as well as two physical stores located in Hamilton.

The next Drop Spot pop-up event at Mohawk’s Fennell campus will be held on Oct. 18. To learn more about the shop and what it sells, visit


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