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‘What can be improved:’ Mohawk College students give feedback in real time

Students raced around the common area in C-wing to complete an interactive survey in exchange for a slice of pizza on Oct. 25.   

Student affairs operations manager Leanne Draksler partnered with the MSA to set up an in-person survey where students had the opportunity to give feedback about their experience at the college.  

“We know that oftentimes students don’t answer [online] student surveys, so we decided to do it at the common hour,” Drakser said. “We just wanted to do this format where students can answer some questions live and in person and then get a couple slices of pizza as a thank you.”  

Several bulletin boards were lined up in a row and students had to visit each one to complete the survey.   

One of the questions being asked was about the food selection at the college. Students had the chance to leave feedback on what they would like to see more of.   

“It gives us an idea of what we need to do better as a college,” Drakser said. “There’s some really good engagement back and forth and we also have an opportunity to talk to students one-on-one.” 

Once each question was answered, someone from the MSA would stamp their card, and the student could move on. The goal was to receive a stamp from each of the booths.   

“My experience doing the survey was good because they asked us to write what can be improved and I think that is very useful,” Mokshala Nethmini said. “One thing I think Mohawk can improve is the textbooks. I think we can have more access to hard-copy textbooks.”  

A board full of colourful sticky notes with students feedback written on it.
Each questionnaire asked for students’ feedback on their experiences on campus.

Some of the feedback was taken with tally marks to track a general consensus, while other boards asked for answers to be written out on sticky notes and posted to the board.  

“I think this is great and it gives them an opportunity to have a voice, to know that we really do care, and we want to know how they’re doing,” Drakser said.  

This forum allowed the MSA to compare the current needs of students and focus on future advocacy priorities. 

This student forum has taken place at both the Fennell and Stoney Creek campuses and will be happening during the winter semester at the airport campus, IAHS and Six Nations Polytechnic. 


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