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Life-size board game at Mohawk College designed to help students

Brightly-coloured rectangles created a path of twists and turns on the floor of the Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students (MCACES) Learning Link as students made their way through a life-size Game of Life.

Event coordinator Ingie Metwally said the game, hosted by Mohawk Student Life, was designed to help students build different skills.

“Students learned life skills by having to make a variety of life decisions and dealing with the consequences of those decisions,” Metwally said. “For example, at the start of the game, students are asked whether or not they would like to continue their education or begin their careers right away. Each option provides pros and cons.”

Players would spin a wheel to determine how many spaces they should move along the board game. Each tile contained a different prompt depending on its colour.

Orange spaces were mandatory, with students required to follow a set of directions, while blue spaces were optional and allowed students the opportunity to earn extra currency. Red spaces required students to complete an activity or task and purple spaces gave students a bonus that was added to their total value at the end of the game.

Mohawk student Coleen Nalog participated in the event and said her experience was a positive one.

“I love all kinds of events at Student Life. I’m a really extroverted person,” Nalog said. “I found a new friend today, and I had so much fun.”

The event had prizes for all participants, with everyone winning a large chocolate bar for playing. Participants who finished their game with over $20,000 also had their name entered into a draw for the grand prize. Those who finished the game with over $50,000, had a second ballot entered into the draw.

The winner of the draw will receive a pack of Dutch Blitz, a pack of Uno cards, and the Game of Life.

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