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Taking a double look at the Hamilton Art Festival

An Evening of Wonder kicked off the first day of the Art Gallery of Hamilton festival (AGH) on Oct. 12.  

The free event included different art styles that combined realism with creativity.   

Pieces varied from paintings to 3D sculptures, and featured more than ten artists including Emily Carr, Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.   

An entrance to a room with pink paper flowers hanging from the ceiling.
Some of the art at AGH hung from the walls where visitors could walk through and take pictures.

Emma Morgan visited the gallery and said she had seen nothing like it before.  

“It was a cool experience, I don’t think I expected it to be like this,” Morgan said. “I would look at something once and have to take a double take because there was always another perspective.”  

Visitors had the option to view the gallery on their own or do a guided tour with a large group.  

Denise Tenio, AGH’s interpretative and public coordinator, oversees visitors’ experiences at the gallery. She said the whimsical art is what makes the exhibition so special. 

“The point of the exhibition is not to learn the artistic movements of realism or surrealism, but also to understand what reality really is,” Tenio said. “What is reality to each of us? How has the concept of reality changed in the world that we live in now, with AI, fake news and social media? Is it possible to actually experience true reality or is it objective?”  

An art piece in a gallery where you drop a ball and it trickles into a bucket sitting below the art pieces.
An interactive art piece allowed visitors to place a ball on the structure.

At the end of the night, visitors had the opportunity to talk with some of the artists about their experiences and socialize.   

A DJ played contemporary music in the corner of the room, with a candy bar set up in the middle for visitors to make their own candy bags, and a bar was available for people to purchase drinks. 

More events are happening at the AGH festival until Oct. 21. 


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