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Burlington Art Guilds unite for Open Studio at local art gallery

A potter hard at work at her kiln.
The Burlington Potters Guild (BPG) was founded in 1969 and currently has over 125 members.

The Art Gallery of Burlington held its annual Guilds Open Studios on Oct. 15, showcasing artwork and sculptures from six different guilds associated with the gallery.

Weaving and spinning, rug hooking, photography, pottery, sculptors and woodcarvers, as well as traditional canvas painters all had separate rooms. Artists from each guild could be found hard at work in their respective crafts, while attendees could also try their hand at selected crafts.

: Some Rugs on display in the designated room on the second floor of the gallery.
Gallery members can join the Hooking Craft Guild for an annual $30 fee.

Visitors were directed by signs leading them up the stairs and through the winding hallways of the gallery, while selected pieces of art adorned the walls on the way to each room.

Kids and adults alike could paint the wooden animal sculptures being made by the sculptor’s guild members as well as have their picture taken by the photography guild.

Barb Blatherwick, a member of the Sculptors and Carvers Guild, said the annual events bring a lot to the community.

“It gives the opportunity for artists to get together and find like-minded people to create some wonderful things,” Blatherwick said. “It also gives the general public an opportunity to come in and see world-class artists.”

Couples looking for something to do in the city visited the event and parents brought their children to enjoy the art and see the artists at work.

A sign welcoming attendees to the event.
The open studio was held this year on Oct. 15 from 1-4:00 p.m. The event was free and welcomed all ages.

Penelope Good said there were many things she liked about the event.

“In the photography guild, they were taking photos for free, and they offered to do a couple’s portrait, so that was cool,” Good said.

“And then, in the woodworking area, there was little animal sculptures, and we got to take a horse and a swan home, so that was really cute,” she added

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