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Students services available at Mohawk College

When the fall semester started, Mohawk College hosted a variety of wellness activities for students at the MSA Plaza.

Hosts in their tents were ready to answer student questions. The host also gave students free gift bags and pens. Some students played games and got to meet other students.

Mohawk College offers different services and counselling for students.

Don Jamieson, a Mohawk College counsellor who was educating students at the Campus Wellness Kick-Off explained how the service works.

“We have a variety of services and different counsellors who works at the Fennell campus and all other campuses,” he said. “We offer psychological services for students having mental health concerns or if students are learning how to study better or have some career concerns.”

As the students are getting used to being back on campus, the wellness centre is making sure students are aware of the services available to them by organizing the Wellness Kick-Off.

host looking at the other host
The host at Drink Smart showing students how to play the game.

“We are involved in setting up a day like this,” said Jamieson. “Dealing with wellness and getting people familiar with the various services available on campus. We can meet with students on a one-on-one basis and they can access us by coming to the counselling service office.”

Students can also make appointments by calling 905-575-2211

The Mohawk Mountaineers’ representative wanted new and current students to know the programs they have.

“We are trying to explain to students what our function is, what we offer on campus and what types of programs we have,” said recreation and student engagement coordinator Kelsey Kovar. “Most of it is revolved around sport but not exclusively sport. I’m offering students opportunities just to move their bodies, be active, social and meet other students.”

Students are welcome to drop in at the DBARC to participate in the intramural and extramural programs they offer. Sports like dodgeball, basketball, volleyball and soccer are some activities the students can drop in and participate in at the recreation centre.

Students can connect with a counsellor online by clicking on the link below


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