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Spooky activities at the Mohawk College Harvest Festival

Drinking apple cider and answering spooky trivia questions were just a few of the activities that the Sustainability Office, along with the MSA (Mohawk Student Association), prepared for students in the latest Harvest Festival this Wednesday, Oct.19, at the MSA plaza.

Students had the chance to play harvest-themed games, try locally-grown pears or strawberries, enjoy campfires, participate in raffles, and take part in many other fun activities. Mohawk College student Monica Melo explained her excitement about the event.

“We are having so much fun,” Melo said. “The apple cider it’s incredible, and we are very excited to try the seasonal soup. I think it is a great event to bring students together.”

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Students were challenged by a game developed by the college’s sustainability office. Participants had to choose between two kinds of pears and guess which fruit was local and which one was not.

Sustainable Foods coordinator Ashley Packer explained the importance of promoting local food.

Students trying different kinds of fruits
The Sustainability Office developed a game to compare local food with imported food.

“This event is a great opportunity to taste the local option versus not local,” Packer said. “Local products taste better, and supporting local generates fewer emissions because the product does not need to travel that long to get here, and then it has more nutrients because the fruit is picked up directly from the vein and brought in here directly.”

Although the weather was getting colder and the sky looked like rain, students still decided to go out and interact with each other.

MSA president Ashik Ashik said the event was a success, and students had a good time and got engaged with the community.

“I think more than an event it’s a social chance to meet people and make more friends,” Ashik said. “Making connections and networking while having fun is always going to improve students’ lives.”

Sign promoting the Harvest Festival
The MSA plaza welcomed many students to the Harvest Festival

The event kicked off at 11 a.m, and it was scheduled to end at 1 p.m. Nevertheless, some students stayed a bit longer, sitting around the warm campfires while drinking hot seasonal soup to fight the cold weather.

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