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Hamilton rappers showcase their talents at underground skatepark

Skateboard parks aren’t typically known for hosting concerts, but one unique spot in Hamilton fits that description. It’s called The Killroom, and while that may sound intimidating at first, it’s a space that fosters creativity and connectivity through skate culture and music. 

The venue hosts numerous local artists throughout the year, many of whom make the kind of music you’d expect to hear at a skate park. 

Concerts at The Killroom produce a scene reminiscent of the punk movement in the 90s, with dark, gritty music reverberating off the walls, head-banging to the beat of the drums and palpable catharsis from the audience. The evening of Oct. 1 was no exception, as four local rappers collaborated to put on a free show for the community. 

Hamilton rapper BRKR headlined the concert and captured the crowd’s attention with his loud vocals and energetic stage presence. Local rappers Pink Daytona, 3-R and Lil Permz took to the stage before BRKR, hyping up the crowd with their own dark blend of hip-hop. 

“We had the place bumping,” BRKR said. “Everyone was feeling the music. It was a good night, everything was good.”

Artists Barker, and Three-R performing
The rappers got together during BRKR’s set to perform a song together.

The distorted bass blaring through all the songs could be felt throughout the venue. Smartphones were raised up high, capturing the rappers screaming into the microphone. The audience was divided, half standing and moving to the music, while the rest perched on skate ramps to watch from a distance. 

Mosh pits were seen occasionally, with fans jumping and shoving into each other. A carefully-placed fog machine helped bring an even moodier vibe to the venue. By the end of the show, the room was filled with so much fog it was hard to see the stage. 

Once the smoke (literal and proverbial) settled, concert-goers mingled outside the venue after the show. When the artists stepped outside, the crowd clapped and cheered their thanks and approval.

Artist Barker rapping while smoke from the fog machine flies into the air
This isn’t BRKR’s first time performing at the Killroom. He performed at the venue earlier this year.

“It was a cool, nice way for young artists to display their talents,” BRKR’s brother, Austin Barker, said. “And a nice way for people to get along and have fun together.”

The artists who performed at the concert are still working on booking future shows, but say they will continue to push out heavy-hitting music consistently. Headliner BRKR recently released an album titled Bad Wiring that is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.


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