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Social Inc. hosts weekly Coffee and Chat event on campus

Social Inc. is putting in the effort to create a safe space for students to make new friends and converse by hosting the Coffee and Chat event.  

Happening every Friday, the event takes place in room F114 of the Fennell Campus from 12-1 p.m., providing topics of discussion, hot beverages, and a safe space for students.   

“At Social Inc., we aim to be a safer space on campus for students, making students aware that this is a space where they’re welcome and that they have someone to have casual conversations with and meet other people, that’s why we facilitate it,” Celine Wong, the engagement coordinator for Social Inc. said. 

This week’s event included topics of discussion such as the struggles students face in different college programs, the hardships of missing family for international students, where everyone in the group grew up, and why everyone decided to attend the event.

“We wanted to meet new people and listen to them … because we are new to the country and we are new to this college, so we just want to see everything and explore,” Siwani Bk, an international student who attended the event with a friend said.  

The event allowed students to mingle and meet new people, with a bigger turnout than expected. According to Wong, the event typically has low attendance, but five people showed up to talk with total strangers this week. 


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