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Gain an experience with the Healers

The Healers’ Club was started by Mohawk College student Jaffar Mohiuddin Quadri Syed in December 2022. Syed was later joined by his friend, Prachi Goswami and now the two are co-presidents.

“I joined the club before it was verified by the MSA (Mohawk Students’ Association),” Goswami said. “Jaffar initiated it and since then I have been his right hand for the club.”

The Healers’ Club focuses on international healthcare professional students who are working towards their own individual licencing. The club’s objective is to connect members with other students who share similar goals and ambitions as well as with peers who have already obtained their certification.

Syed says by communicating with other students or peers who are going through the same processes, club members get the chance to learn more about the licencing process for their respective medical professions.

Keshav Bajaj is one of the club members taking advantage of the experience.

“I joined this club so I can connect with fellow healthcare professionals and get to know the licencing process of different healthcare specialists,” Bajaj said.

For Syed, helping international members seeking help in healthcare is his main goal.

“The club has provided me the chance to assist international students in diverse healthcare disciplines by providing them with a common platform that will help them develop as healthcare professionals,” Syed said.

Goswami agreed.

“My goal is to make sure everyone continues their professional career here in Canada,” Goswami said. “I want everyone to get the right guidance from someone who has experience and shares the same background.”

Bajaj says he has learned a lot since joining the club.

“I have learned about the licencing pathway of nursing, dentistry, pharmacist and physiotherapist,” Bajaj said. “I also learned what alternative career options are available for foreign-trained healthcare professionals.”

Syed explained why he saw a need for a group like the Healers’ Club.

“I’ve encountered false information, I do not want others to have the same problems especially if they’re new to Canada,” Syed said. “This is what motivated me to create the platform so members can obtain accurate information.”

Bajaj says he wants to interact with more internationally-trained healthcare professionals through the club.

“I want to spread awareness and clarity about the licensing process, so it is easy for the upcoming students to make their path,” Bajaj said.

Members of the club meet occasionally to discuss professional licencing procedures and regularly communicate through group chat.

Goswami explained her plans for the club.

“I am looking forward to leading all my fellow students and colleagues in their professional careers,” Goswami said. “If they have not yet started, I believe we could be the best option to reach out for any information required in the field.”

Co-president of the healers club Prachi Goswami says her goal is to help students make connections.

Syed wants to expand the club to people in Canada and other countries who are interested in licencing.

“I want to expand so that it can assist overseas students in achieving their objectives and obtaining their healthcare licences,” Syed said. “I want to continue to be a part of the Healers as an alumni member when I graduate, allowing me to contribute to the club’s expansion.”

Goswami wants other students to join the club, so they can take advantage of others’ experiences.

“I want other students to join so they can experience something different, get to be a leader and have a chance to help others,” Goswami said. “If we get different professionals, it gives more accessibility to different fields of students. The more people who join the club, the more diverse it will be.”

Bajaj encourages other students interested in healthcare careers to give the Healers a try.

“Joining this club will help other students to go through the licencing pathway seamlessly,” Bajaj said. “Students can also meet study partners through the group.”

The Healers’Club meets on the IAHS campus. For more information, contact Jaffar Syed at


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