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Services at Mohawk College: The Learning Support Centre

Crowds of students walk past it every day on their way to get food or Tim Horton’s coffee, but why would anyone go into the Learning Support Centre (LSC)?

“It’s free, it’s here, and it can only help,” peer tutor Allan Falconer says. Falconer, a writing and communications tutor at the LSC, says peer tutors strive to be approachable.

“You’re dealing with a nice balance of someone who is your peer so they’re in it too. They’re also struggling with their own assignments, and they’ve already completed at least first year,” Falconer continues, “Everybody has their own strengths and being able to share those in a room is a lot less intimidating than a professor or a teacher.”

Gabriela Sanchez uses the centre to help with learning English.

“With all the help provided by the Learning Support Centre I achieved my goal and I’m graduating with honours,” Sanchez says. She encourages those who are thinking about using the service to give it a try.

“Don’t think: do it, it is useful,” she says. “They help you with your doubts, they can teach you any concept in your subject, they can help to improve your skills, but you also need to do your best effort.”

The Learning Support Centre is open during regular school hours as well as during reading week. Although they do sometimes take drop ins, an appointment is the only way to guarantee a spot with a tutor.

If a student wants to be a tutor, they are required to be in at least their second semester and have a GPA of at least 80 per cent. The Learning Support Centre prefers to hire tutors either before or right at the start of a semester, so apply now or wait until December when hiring for the winter semester starts.


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