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‘Really important’: Mohawk College encourages students to get involved at fall volunteer fair

Mohawk College students met volunteer employers face-to-face at the fall volunteer fair.  

Tables were set up in the C-wing atrium, where students walked around to see which volunteer opportunities were available.  

Volunteering while in college can benefit students when they have graduated and are looking for jobs.  

Aimi Seto, who was working at the booth for Student Life, said students can track their experience through an online tool created for just that purpose.  

“We have the co-curricular record (CCR) which keeps students’ volunteer hours, and they can use that later for job applications,” Seto said.  

To access your CCR students sign in with their Mohawk student ID and password on Career Ready. Then they can insert their hours and view their past experiences.   

“I think it’s really important to volunteer because students can get involved and be a part of the community,” Seto said.  

More than 15 booths were available for the students to view, including the Baby Depot, a registered charity that collects gently used items and clothing.

A lady sits at a table in front of a sign that reads “The Baby Depot”.
Different booths allow employers to meet potential volunteers in person.

“We are always looking for volunteers to help with the process,”  Lorraine Lowry, an organizer with the organization, said. “This includes washing, organizing and coming out to events like these. We are very flexible with your time. We have day shifts, night shifts and even if you give me an hour a week, that’s fantastic.”  

For students looking for something closer to the school, there were options to volunteer both on- and off-campus.   

Student Loveleen Kaur said she is mostly looking for something on campus.   

“I am more interested in Student Life or the MSA,” Kaur said. “It will add to my resume, and I will be able to get exposure. I can use it for employment opportunities and it’s always good to learn.”  

Experience not only allows employers to see how hard students can work, but it can also help when applying for awards and bursaries at the college.  

Students can find more volunteer openings on the Mohawk College website, 


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