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MSA ties up Welcome Week with the Neon Night

Mohawk students at the Arnie on the welcome week
Mohawk students dancing at the Arnie in the Neon Night.

The Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA) hosted its first welcome event last Thursday (Sept. 14) at the Fennell campus. Neon Night welcomed 300 students to the Arnie. It was a night of LED roller skating and headphone disco along with glowing LED swings.

“This is my first week at the college, and I haven’t met anyone so far, so this event is perfect because I can meet new people from different programs,” Natalie Barba, an Advanced Biotechnology student, said. “I arrived in Canada with my sister Stephine and my parents in August, but my parents left yesterday, so I decided to come and have fun.”

Skates, dance, alcohol, fast food, and more were part of the night. MSA staff was also helping visitors with customized fluorescent face painting. The event also featured a silent disco for students who wanted to be dancing to their own music at The Cellar.

Students playing their own music
Students enjoying the silent disco at the Cellar.

“I love the event, as well as enjoy it with my friends for free,” Precious Ehigie said. “As soon as I knew that it was a free event, I called my friends, and we all filled out the form together.”

The MSA will return with more events throughout the school year, including a Halloween party in October. Most the of MSA events are free to students, some have a small cost when they are off campus, such as the Tree Top Trekking.