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Mountaineers win doubleheader to finish softball season

The Mohawk Mountaineers softball team took to the field on Thursday, Oct. 12 for their final games of the season in a doubleheader against the Fanshawe Falcons.

Fanshawe opened up the scoring in the first game, scoring two in the first inning. The Mountaineers quickly responded and took an early 3-2 lead after the first inning.

By the third inning, the score grew to 6-4 for the Mountaineers and following the fourth inning, the Mountaineers had a 9-4 lead. The Mountaineers would go on to win the first game 11-6.

“The team played fantastic tonight, probably the best time of year to have two of your best games,” Mountaineers head coach Chris McColl said.

Both teams had similar records going into the games and both were playing for playoff spots.

In the second game, Fanshawe would once again strike first, leading 1-0 after the first inning. But after three innings, Mohawk would take the lead 4-2 and wouldn’t give it up on the way to a 5-4 victory.

With these being the final two games of the season, the coaches showed a lot of pride for the team.

“They did exactly what we’ve asked them to do,” Mountaineers assistant coach Robyn Draper said. “We knew that we were going to have things to work on and they’ve come out to practice and games and they’ve started to execute things along the way.”

“It’s good to see the progress throughout the season. Rather than peak early and failing in the end, it’s how you want it to go,” she added.

The Mountaineers ended the season with a 10-14 record, and the two victories allowed the team to punch its ticket to the playoffs.


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