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Tails were waging for the Salty Animal Rescue ‘Wag and Doe’

Despite it being Thanksgiving weekend, people from all over Hamilton showed up to support the second annual Wag and Doe fund-raiser. While a stag and doe raises money for a wedding, this event raised money for the animals at the Salty Animal Rescue.

Signs directing the supporters up to the second floor to the 'Wag and Doe.'

Signs directed supporters up to the second floor to the ‘Wag and Doe.’Signs posted in the lobby directed the supporters into the elevator and up to the top floor where they were met at the entrance by co-founder of Salty Animal Rescue Karly Saltarski.

A volunteer taking and selling entry tickets, 50/50 tickets and hosting a game, sported a baseball cap that read in bold letters ‘animals over people.’

“Everyone that works at Salty Rescue is strictly on a volunteer basis,” event coordinator Sarah Wakeman said. “Our common goal is the animals, any money we raise goes right to them.”

A row of 30 raffle prizes ranging from pet supplies to a Keurig coffee machine, an ice cream maker, a wine kit, and everything in between, stretched along the length of the wall where they were quickly collecting ballots from supporters.

Towards the back of the hall, all the pizza, veggie sticks, and sweets one could think of were laid out for the taking. The bar was buzzing, with the Legion donating a dollar to the rescue for every drink purchased throughout the night.

Tunes from local musicians Carli Rose and John Restas played throughout the evening, setting the mood.

“We have a great group of supporters and are so thankful for everyone who came out to support us tonight, despite this being Thanksgiving weekend,” Saltarski said with a laugh. “Thanksgiving is never this early!”



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