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Mountaineers men’s volleyball team loses against Conestoga in last game of 2023

The Mohawk Mountaineers men’s volleyball team hosted their last game of 2023 against the Conestoga Condors on Nov 29.

The first set of the game started as a rally with both teams fighting hard to take the first set. Both teams exchanged the lead throughout most of the set until the Mountaineers broke ahead late to take the first set 25-19.

The second set was another back-and-forth encounter with both teams continuing to keep the game close. It came down to just a couple of points but the Condors would take the second set 25-23.

The third set was all Condors. Conestoga got an early lead in the set and wouldn’t give it up. The Condors would go on to take the third set 25-11.

In the fourth set, the Condors continued to have complete control of the game taking an 8-1 lead early in the set, and from there it was all Condors for the rest of the game. Conestoga took the set 25-9, giving them the game, the final score was 3-1 (25-19, 23-25, 11-25, 9-25).

The Mountaineers’ record is 5-6 going into the holiday break.

“It was the tale of two stories, the first two sets were great, we were dialed in but the match just got away from us and we stopped doing the little things that were making us successful,” Mountaineers head coach Brad McClure said. “It was a real eye-opener to where our season’s been in the first half, really up and down and uncertain of what we’re going to get.”

The Mountaineers are going into the holiday break on a down note following the loss but the Condors were feeling good after their victory.

“The boys [the Condors] played as a really good cohesive unit we all inspired each other to work together as one and we got the job done, it was amazing,” Condor Samuel Growden said.

The first half of the volleyball season is over, the Mountaineers are 5-6 going into the holiday break, and their next game is on Jan. 12 when they play the Boreal Vipers.


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