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‘My grade is unfair:’ Mohawk Students’ Association explains how students can appeal their grades

As the final tests take over the classrooms at Mohawk College, students are left wondering if all their hard work will be reflected in their final grades.

The Mohawk Students Association (MSA) hosted its annual Academic Appeals workshop on Nov. 29. This event is designed to facilitate an impartial review of final grades, involving both students and professors.

Mohawk allows students to appeal their final grades, but only after the final grades have been posted. Once the final grades are released, students have five business days to submit what is referred to as a Level 1 Appeal.

“In order to support the student, they have to put together evidence that demonstrates they received a final grade and what they feel is unjust or unfair in some regard,” government and advocacy specialist at the MSA Melanie Extance said. “Students might use past assignments, midterms, other sorts of evaluations to demonstrate their overall performance, but most of the time, resolution can be found in an informal meeting.”

The MSA booth located at G109 in
the Fennell campus.

The MSA represents all Mohawk students, regardless of whether they are full-time, part-time, domestic, or international students; whether they reside locally or outside Canada, as long as they are attending the college.

“When I first arrived in Canada, the challenge I faced was communicating effectively with my classmates, so I attributed my struggle in interacting fluently with my work team to the language barrier,” business student Maria Camila Ronderos said. “However, now that I have overcome this barrier, I realize that their low performance has impacted my final grades, and now here I am sitting, seeking assistance to navigate through this dilemma.”

Although final grades are slated for release on Dec. 22, what adds an interesting dimension to the transition from the fall semester to the winter semester is the extended holiday break. However, the holiday break does not count toward the five business days for filing a Level 1 Appeal. Consequently, students have until Jan 8, 2024, to submit their appeals.


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