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World Cup watching at Mohawk College drawing big crowds

Chatter and cheers could be heard coming from the Arnie as students gathered for a FIFA World Cup watch series. The championships will be streamed in the Arnie through to the end of next week, with activities and events held by the MSA.

The watch party will be taking place until the end of next week.

On Nov. 22, students showed their artistic side while colouring various soccer-related pages.

Events coordinator Montana Hunter described the event.

“Today we’re doing adult colouring, we’re giving out temporary tattoos, and we have a guessing game to see who can get the most game winners right over the two-week period,” she explained. “We have a lot of fun stuff coming up over the next few days.”

The Arnie was packed with students watching Mexico vs. Poland and France vs. Australia. Student Lead Bayley Harris was glad to see a good turnout.

Students gathered in the Arnie to watch the games on the big screen.

“A lot more people are showing up, it’s been great,” he said. “Everyone seems really into it, we’re hearing a lot of cheers and groans, it’s fun to listen to.”

The MSA will be holding more events throughout the next week including free mini poutine in honour of Canada’s game on Nov. 23. For more information on game and event times, visit the MSA events calendar.





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