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Mohawk College students will work on research at Smart Factory Living Lab

The non-profit organization AIoT Canada partnering with Mohawk College with the objective of creating projects that help companies across the country to use or improve their IoT – Internet of Things.

IoT – Internet of Things – might help and improve several areas.

IoT refers to the digital interconnection of daily physical objects (such as cars and buildings) that have access to the internet through sensors and network connection, connecting them and making it possible for them to communicate with each other. This technology has the potential to help and improve several areas, such as the academic, professional, commercial and industrial environments. The partnership plans on building a Smart Factory Living Lab for 5G and AI exploration, with students working on research under faculty supervision. The alliance will both allow the research to advance and will be helpful to prepare students for their careers.

Although there might be some resistance with the idea of AI for some people, IT specialist Alice Salin says this resistance is misleading.

“People might have the wrong impression of what AI is and how it works,” Salin said. “Some fictional works show them as a threat, but actually AIs are a great way to optimize work tools.”


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