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New Developers Club supports the next generation of software developers

A long line of people stretched out in front of The Cellar entrance, waiting patiently for the doors to open. Members from different clubs in the Mohawk College community could be heard talking about entrepreneurship, virtual reality, and even religious beliefs.

However, there was a group of about six people in the line who were known for their listening skills, charisma, and willingness to socialize. That group was the New Developers Club.

The Cellar opened its doors and many people went for the pizza while others went for a drink. Many groups dispersed, but not the New Developers Club. They stuck together, found seats, and then went for their pizza as a group. That unity is what the club stands for and strives to achieve.

Current club vice-president Jin Zhang said the club is a space for software developers to come together and solve problems.

She explained that the club interactions are not only in-person every two weeks, but the members also keep in constant communication online. The group is active on the platform Discord, where they use their four channels to talk about tech, innovation, coding, and sometimes personal experiences.

Current New Developers Club members hanging out at The Cellar
New Developers Club members hanging out at The Cellar.

The Cellar was full of people talking and sharing a good time. But one girl with a helpful, social, and cheerful attitude stood out as she was handing out pizzas. Moniefa Ebo is the president of the New Developers Club and her attitude represents the vibe that people experience in the club.

Ebo explained how the club can help students in their professional lives.

“We introduce students to employers, and we basically help them bridge the gap between college and getting a job in their professional field,” Ebo said. “We like to help other students actually get their foot into the software community, and that means a lot to me as I want students to increase their grades, socialize and work on different skills.”

She added that sometimes students have a hard time networking and meeting new people
related to their interests, so the club tries to facilitate interaction between people with similar goals.

The club contributes a lot to its members, and each club member values the interactions they experience within the group. Mauricio Canul explained how the New Developers helps him with different aspects of his life.

“The way I see the club is as an opportunity to socialize with people in my general area of
studies,” Canul said. “I also find it a bit relaxing at times when it comes to talking to people who are in my career path, because that helps me clear out some insecurities based on what I want to do with my program after graduation.”

Those benefits Canul mentions are not only for current members, but last over time and remain for former members as well. Former club president Nicholas Whitford explained how the club complemented his academic experience.

“The club has been a great way to meet other students, faculty, and alumni,” Whitford said. ”I found that people really want to help new people get into the industry and once they hear the mission of the New Developers they usually are happy to help us. I personally got a lot of joy out of planning events and seeing students’ reactions to them, and I also made some of my closest friends through the club.”

Canul, Zhang and Ebo (left to right) posing at The Cellar.
Canul, Zhang and Ebo (left to right) posing at The Cellar.

The club members went to claim their pizza before returning to their table and talking among themselves. The group exchanged ideas related to the world of software and technology while laughing and enjoying themselves.

For more information, visit the official New Developers Club website at


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