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Supercrawl returned to Hamilton, packed with art and culture

After two years of pandemic postponements, artists, musicians and writers returned to James Street North for the latest edition of Supercrawl.

Supercrawl organizer Lisa La Rocca says despite some limitations in the process of organizing the event, everything went as expected.

“It was a condensed year as we had to wait a bit longer to announce the festival to make sure it was possible after the pandemic,” La Rocca said. “[It was] a little hectic, but everyone we worked with to plan this festival was very thankful to be able to do outdoor events again and to be back enjoying together.”

The event featured performances by renowned artists from different parts of the world, from the Colombian artist Lido Pimienta to Toronto’s vibrant representative of the new wave of rock, Cam Kahin.

Visiting artists were not limited to musicians. Kaile H. Glick, a Toronto-based poet, writer, and developer of the Spontaneous Prose Store, got a place to set up her Smith-Corona typewriter and let her art flow.

woman hands paper to someone
Katelyn Glick delivers a poem to a customer.

“People give me a subject, I write them a poem about it before their very eyes and they get to pay me whatever they think it’s worth when it’s done,” Glick explained.  “I think events like Supercrawl are critical because artists can connect with their audience and that helps create a thriving community.”

Hamilton-based artists were also on hand, including Tamara Hayat, founder of Tamara’s Teaspoons, which creates accessories such as earrings, rings, or necklaces in the shape of objects related to miniature cuisine. Hayat explained how Supercrawl was a great chance to show off her art.

display of earrings
Tamara Hayat’s miniature earrings hanging from her Supercrawl stand.

“People from Hamilton appreciate unique things and will pay for it,” Hayat said. “A lot of the vendors near me have sold out of many things. I’ve sold out of many things too, and that’s great.”

The vast majority of artists participating in Supercrawl are local. According to La Rocca, they are the ones who make Supercrawl an important event for the community.

“Local artists and performers of all kinds are the pillars of our event and what makes Supercrawl what it is,” La Rocca said. “We are incredibly thankful for all of the support of the local arts and music community.”


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