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Campus Wellness Kick-Off event features an outdoor yoga class for students

Mohawk College students and faculty gathered at the MSA Plaza on Wednesday to participate in the Campus Wellness Kick-Off fair. The fair featured information booths and workshops about wellness services on campus, along with a special yoga class for students to enjoy.

Samantha Carpino, the founder of the Welcome Om Collective and lululemon brand ambassador, taught the students a variety of Asana yoga poses and meditation techniques.

“Yoga supports mental health and wellbeing in every capacity,” said Carpino. “It calms the nervous system and when we breathe intentionally, we move the energy through the body, and most importantly, we centre. When we ground and centre, we come into the present moment. We tap into our breath, which is grounding and key to supporting your mental health.”

Students’ flexibility, strength and balance were challenged during the yoga poses. The poses also helped students focus on their mind, body, and soul connection.

Students practicing yoga in a lunge pose.
Students demonstrate a crescent lunge with slight bend to each side. The pose challenges strength and balance.

“Yoga is a great exercise for the body but it’s also a connection with the body, mind and breath to help slow us down,” said yoga instructor Rebecca Jahns.

Carpino demonstrated well-known yoga poses such as downward-facing-dog, chair and child’s pose to the class. Other yoga instructors spread out across the plaza floor to demonstrate modifications to the poses.

All students were welcome to participate in the event no matter their experience, body type or gender. An ASL interpreter joined the session to make the event more accessible. The Health and Wellness Centre encouraged students to bring their yoga mats to participate, but also provided mats to those without.

Many students found the event to be beneficial and a great start to the semester. Not only was the event an opportunity to meet new people, but students also learned how to use yoga to cope with stress.

“I do meditation at home, but it was nice to refresh myself on some yoga poses that I can include in my meditation routines a little better,” said Mohawk College student Sam Russo.

Students sitting outside meditating
Students practice meditation while focusing on controlling their breath. 

The event included prize giveaways at a random draw. Some students won free yoga classes with the Welcome Om Collective, others won lululemon gift cards and yoga equipment.

Those who won yoga classes can expect a relaxing and educational experience. The Welcome Om Collective prides itself on virtual well-being. People can practice yoga from their homes where it’s easily accessible.

All students and faculty are welcome to join the Welcome Om Collective. Those interested can access the collective membership on Instagram @welcomeom_studios which features classes and informational videos.

To find out about more events happening at Mohawk, follow @msamohawk and @connect2wellnessatmohawk for updates on workshops and events.












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