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Student Services shift online is a success

Covid-19 has transformed many aspects of Mohawk’s campuses, including Student Services. Students are no longer lining up to book a counseling appointment and are instead booking and having them online.

Online counselling may have actually made counselling at Mohawk more accessible to students. Without the need to be there in-person, anyone with an internet connection can easily get counselling. That’s kept a steady flow of students requesting help.

“Most of our services have remained fairly steady pre- and during COVID,” explained Wendy Rolfe, who works for the MSA.

Student on computer on a conference call
Conference calls online may increase the accessibility of counselling appointments, but not everyone prefers the new style. Mohawk students from older generations or people who would simply prefer to go in person might reconsider booking appointments. (Credit: Pixabay)

“I think it’s more convenient for people,” Mohawk student Garrett Terpstra said. “I’m certain there’s people who would be much more comfortable talking on a call than going in-person.”

Because counselling appointments are done online, students can get help from the comfort of their homes. Some students might be shyer in person. Having an appointment online could take a bit of pressure off that social anxiety. Being able to access an appointment anywhere with an internet connection, combined with decreased feelings of social anxiety may make student services more accessible.

Despite this, not everyone seems to prefer student services online. Mohawk student Connor Finlay says he would like to see a system that includes both in-person, and online appointments.

“In-person, there’s just a connection you feel that’s hard to describe,” Finlay said. “Actually seeing the person in the real world and their body language helps to build a stronger connection.”

Finlay agrees that it’s more accessible, but would like to see people get the best of both worlds.

“There will be people who would prefer to go in person, but others that are busy and just want to get help from home,” he said. “After restrictions start loosening up, I’d like to see both in person, and online appointments.”

Student services were able to work around Covid-19 restrictions in a short period of time, with a steady number of counselling appointments.  Not everybody wants their appointments online, and that’s understandable.  One thing is for certain. Online counselling appointments at Mohawk are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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