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‘Review the guidelines:’ New postering rules in effect at Mohawk College and here’s what students need to know

On Dec. 4, Mohawk College’s new guidelines regarding postering on campus went into effect.  

Postering on campus was initially suspended during the first pandemic lockdown. Donna Moreau, acting manager for Student Life, said a lot has changed on campus since then. 

“Now that we are back on campus and ready to resume postering, we decided it was a good time to review the guidelines and make any updates,” Moreau said. 

One of the major changes in how postering is done on campus is the new digital approval process for posters.  

“In the past, all posters were dropped off at Student Life for approval and posting,” Moreau said. “Now, areas can submit their poster for review digitally and hang their own around campus as desired.”  

With Mohawk College community members now being able to put up their posters themselves, the new guidelines clarified where exactly the posters can be put up. Posters can only be put up in designated posting areas, and cannot be put up on any painted surfaces, glass surfaces such as windows, or ceilings.

Additionally, posters are also not allowed to be put up in washrooms unless approved for that location, and can only be posted on doors if they are specifically related to the area they are being posted in. 

Some of the previous rules have transferred over to the new guidelines. Moreau said that just as before, posters are required to have an ‘expiry date’ in the bottom right-hand corner. Posters can have a maximum expiry date of 4 months before they are removed. 

“This helps keep content relevant, catch people’s eye, and have the posters not start to rip and curl from being up for many months,” Moreau said. 

The new postering guidelines were developed in collaboration with Mohawk’s Sustainability Office, in an effort to move toward a more eco-friendly approach to postering. To cut down on paper waste, posters are now limited to 12 copies per campus.   

“When developing the new postering guidelines, the Student Life department reached out to us to understand how they could make postering at the college more sustainable,” Sustainability Office manager Allison Maxted said. “By stating a preference for digital forms of communication, we can reduce waste and lower Mohawk’s carbon footprint.” 

Those who are looking to promote their events, programs, clubs or services are encouraged to consider using the Welcome ticketing system so they can use digital means of advertising such as the weekly digital newsletter or on the TV screens around Mohawk College. 


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