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Mountaineers men’s basketball team wins nail-biter against Humber

The Mohawk Mountaineers men’s basketball team took to the court on Nov. 9 against the Humber Hawks.

In the first quarter, the Hawks took an early lead and would hold it for most of the game. The score was 33-21 after one. The second quarter saw the Hawks add to their lead. The Mountaineers would try to keep it competitive, but the Hawks had a 16-point lead going into halftime, 49-33.

In the third quarter, the Mountaineers would cut the deficit to 4. The score after three quarters was 59-55. Humber led for most of the final quarter. But the game would end in a nail-biter with the Mountaineers tying the game late in the quarter and taking the lead with less than a minute left to win the game 78-77.

With the win, the Mountaineers’ record improved to 5-0

“it was a tale of two halves,” head coach Jamie Girolametto said. “First half it felt like we were non-existent, second half we played with some energy, the guys weren’t sweating, the guys weren’t tired in the first half. In the second half the guys gave everything they had.”

The team struggled at first, but in the second half they found a way to turn the game around.

“In the first half we had no energy but in the second half we picked it up and played dominant, we played our game and came out with the win,” Mountaineers point guard Iverson Chong said.

Jalen Menzies led the Hawks with 27 points and Jerry Mercury led the Mountaineers with 34 points. The Mountaineers continued their win streak to start the season 5-0. The Mountaineers’ next game is on Nov. 18 when they play the Redeemer Royals.


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