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Mountaineers men’s basketball team wins close game against Lambton

The Mohawk Mountaineers men’s basketball team hosted the Lambton Lions on Dec. 1 in their second-to-last game before the holiday break.

It was a close first quarter between the Mountaineers and the Lions with both teams fighting hard to get the early lead but the Mountaineers would come out on top, leading the game 34-27 after one.

It was another close quarter in the second, with the Lions attempting to close the gap in scoring but the Mountaineers would continue to hold the lead.

The third quarter continued to be a close game with both teams staying competitive but after a hard-fought quarter, the Mountaineers would continue to lead, 77-66 after three.

In the fourth quarter, the Lions would close the gap and keep the game close. The game would come down to the wire, tied with a minute left. But the Mountaineers would come out on top, winning 107-101.

The Mountaineers’ record is 7-2 after the win.

“[We played] very inconsistently, it seems to be our M.O. We have stretches of some great basketball then we seem to have stretches of bad decision making every night. It’s something that we need to overcome,” Mountaineers head coach Jamie Girolametto said.

While the Mountaineers played inconsistently, the team is always happy to walk away with a win.

“We played well, we have stuff we have to improve on for sure but a win is a win so we’ll always take it. We’ve got a tough matchup tomorrow ending off the semester so we’ve got to lock in and execute a lot more so we can be ready for that ,” Mountaineers forward Jerry Mercury said.

The Mountaineers’ record is 7-2, their next game is on Dec.2 when they play the St. Clair Saints.


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