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Mohawk College students “boosted” their day

Final exams are just around the corner and the tension among students is palpable, which is why the Mohawk Students’ Association (MSA) teamed up with Booster Juice and handed out mood boosters today (Wednesday, Nov.9).

Students gathered at the top of the stairs of the G-wing to grab Booster Juice smoothies, snacks and other prizes.

cups with smoothie laying on the MSA table
The MSA was giving away smoothies to boost students’ days.

The breakfast was based on two smoothie flavours: strawberry sunshine and mango hurricane. On top of the smoothie, students could add chickpeas, chocolate squares, strawberries or other fruits. MSA student services representative Eric Dao explained the benefits of this breakfast event.

“Sometimes students cannot afford good quality food, so I think it is nice for the MSA to provide this breakfast,” Dao said. “The smoothies that we have today contain fruits and vegetables that contribute lots of vitamins and nutrients to help you go through the day.”

Business student Rea May Lumandas visited the booth and explained how she enjoyed the experience.

“I had exams today and I still need to study for other things,” Lumandas said. “I think it is nice for the MSA to provide breakfast to students on these stressful days.”

In addition to smoothies and nutritious meals, students also had the opportunity to win free coffees or vouchers to purchase healthy food.

Students waiting in a line to get their breakfast
Waves of students showed up to take advantage of the Booster Juice smoothies

“We have a market on campus that sells fresh fruits and vegetables,” Dao said. “We are giving away $10 vouchers to students so they can spend it by buying in the market on campus. I think it is a good way to promote health among the community.”

Several waves of students visited the giveaway and left with full bellies and smiles on their faces. For more information regarding MSA, events visit


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