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Mohawk College music student is singing her way to success

Ever since she was young, Malu Asfora has always had a passion for music and singing.

Growing up in Brazil, most of Asfora’s early childhood consisted of afternoons singing with her grandmother to the soap operas that ran on television. Although her family had never been musical, Asfora began to sing at the age of three. As she grew older, her passion for music grew too. Throughout elementary and middle school, she began to play various instruments, but found herself returning to singing each time.

“I actually had some piano lessons and played the recorder for ten years,” Asfora said. “I also tried to play the guitar, but it was not really my thing.”

Malu Asfora sits on stage with a microphone in front of her.
Malu Asfora sang at multiple festivals in Brazil and had the opportunity to sing on Children’s Day at the Governor’s Palace.

When Asfora was eight, her singing caught the attention of her teacher, who helped her post her first singing video on YouTube. After that, she began singing at her school’s local fair each year, recording each performance and attempting to improve each time. To improve her stage presence, Asfora decided to study musical theatre. 

“I [wanted] to learn how to move on the stage and I wanted to understand more about how to behave on stage,” Asfora said.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Asfora took time to think about her career in music and decided to move to Canada for her post-secondary education.

“It took me a while to actually understand that I wanted to study music in college because I thought it would be hard to follow or to pursue as a career,” Asfora said.

Malu Asfora sits on a red chair pushing a button that lights up a podium.
Malu Asfora auditioned for a Brazilian television show when she was younger and went on to perform with bands like Sinestesie and Mountain Chicken.

Asfora says she’s looking forward to connecting with the Indigenous artists and her fellow students for Musical Sharing: An Indigenous Artists and Mohawk College Student Cultural Engagement and Exchange Initiative.

“I’m just really excited about it,” Asfora said. “Being in a new country, I want to learn more about the different cultures. Music is like a language that people can understand all around the world because everyone speaks the same language when it comes to music.”

For Asfora, success is  feeling of accomplishment when she looks back at her journey. 

“It has nothing to do with being rich and famous or having millions of fans and followers,” Asfora said. “It’s being satisfied and happy with what you’re doing.” 

Looking forward, Asfora says she hopes she continues to have the opportunity to share her music and voice with audiences and plans to continue her career in the industry.

“I don’t know if I’ll be in music production or on stage singing but music is what makes me happy,” Asfora said. “I want to keep doing music because I know it has that power to make people feel better just by listening to some notes together. It’s crazy, but it’s magic.”



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