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Mohawk College holds job fair to help students find jobs

There’s one thing that most people in the world seem to like: money.

Earning a living while attending post-secondary education can be difficult, especially trying to find places that are hiring. On top of that, students who have bills to pay, or have that dreadful rent due at the end of the month will need a revenue source.

A full-time job can stressful to handle while in college, but part-time work could be manageable. Mohawk held a job fair on Tuesday, Sept. 27 to help students find desirable part-time work.

The YMCA's job fair desk showcasing information on it's open job positons
14 different companies and organizations came together looking for students interested in job opportunities.

The C-Wing atrium on the Fennell Campus was jam-packed with students holding their resumes. Fourteen different companies and organizations grouped together to attract both students and alumni to find potential part-time employment. All companies and organizations had their own help desks for curious students and alumni to ask any questions they might have. 

“We’re doing this to find students who are in need of a part-time job,” said James Hake, general manager of Fastenal. “We have spots that need to be filled, so that’s why we’re here.”

Students had a diverse list of companies and organizations to choose from, which include YMCA, Good Shepherd, Paladin Security and Umbrella Family. From security firms to childcare foundations, there was a vast variety of different places to choose from. 

“It was kind of like going to a bunch of different places to hand in resumes, except all of the places are combined together,” said Mohawk College student Adam Simpson. The job fair made it more convenient for students to apply to multiple places.

There are always websites such as, but having a face-to-face chat with company representatives can give you more information on possible job positions, and it gives a more personal impression of the company. 

Those who couldn’t make it on campus to attend the event weren’t left out. Students also had the option to register for the Zoom version of the job fair. Students could choose between group calls for general information, or having a personal one-on-one video call with a company representative to learn more about possible employment opportunities.

Recruiters could even look at student resumes over the video call, as students were asked to upload their resumes to the CareerConnect website so that employers could find part-time positions suited to that person’s skill set, and previous job experience. 

Mohawk eliminated a tedious step in the job searching process, searching for job openings itself. For those who missed out on the job fair, you can still visit the Mohawk website to find other employment opportunities, including the Campus Student Employment Program.

A sign of the MSA
Even without the job fair, Mohawk College can help students find desirable work.

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