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Mohawk College campus closures due to weather: here’s what you need to know

As the snow starts to fall, hazardous weather conditions pose the possibility of campus closures. So what does this look like for students at Mohawk College? 

In order for the campus to close, Mohawk must take into consideration both student and staff safety based on weather conditions. Will it be safe for everyoe to get to and from the college safely?

Catherine O’Donnell, the director of security services at Mohawk explained what the college does during the winter.

 “We are constantly monitoring the weather forecast,” she stated. “If there is a weather warning the college instantly sets up a team that meets first thing in the morning and we determine if the campus environment is safe for people to travel to and from.”

The decision to close the college is taken seriously due to the risk of students missing classes, tests, exams, and events. But with the newfound familiarity with virtual Zoom classes, they may not be missing as much as before. 

“If the college decides to close, all of our virtual classes will continue. All of our in-class campus classes and events would be cancelled and moved to an alternate date,” O’Donnell explained. But professors and their academic deans may be able to choose to move an in-person class online instead.” 

It is important to stay up-to-date on any security measures at your campus. Mohawk’s SAM (Security Alert Messenger), alerts and updates students and staff on any threats to their safety, including campus closures due to weather. In order to receive these alerts you must opt in and subscribe to Mohawk SAM which you can do so by clicking here to access your account management page.

If the weather outside is frightful, rest assured that Mohawk College is keeping a close eye out to ensure your safety. 


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