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Market day for Hamilton’s small business owners

The farmer’s market in Hamilton is a place for farmers and vendors to come together and show off their wares. The market offers people a variety of organic, plant-based products and often has lower prices.

Buttrum Family Farm employee Kallon Sherry was in a good mood as she attended to a customer. She has been working for the family for over seven years and isn’t planning on leaving soon.

“I like working for an actual family instead of working for a big business,” Sherry said. “I have worked at the produce section in a grocery store. I don’t really like the big business idea. I like more of local family farms, knowing where everything is coming from.”

The market isn’t limited to farmers, featuring many different vendors showcasing their wares like flowers, wine and prepared food.

Visitors can also dine at the Mexican restaurant inside the market called Mexican Kitchen, run by Paola Solis.

“Four years ago, I bought the restaurant from my sister-in-law,” Solis said. “There are a lot of vendors here and everyone is friendly.”

The market is located in downtown Hamilton inside the Jackson Square mall. It’s open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Different vendors at the farmer’s market can be reached by visiting the website


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